Do you know what is truly a Miracle ? A miracle is the seed that swells with life and bursts open when the dry earth is moistened by the presence  of rainfall after a long drought. A miracle is it’s sense to go forth towards the warmth of the Sun finding it’s way through the heaviness of the rocks and soil always reaching for the surface until it is fully blooming with life in the warmth of the Sun. A miracle is the bee that instinctually goes in search of sweet nectar to gather  from the flowers blossoming in the Springtime and in doing so pollinates the flowers it touches which later bear delicious fruits to be consumed for life to continue. A miracle is the Sunflower that naturally follows the Sun from dawn to dusk until it is bursting with seeds which give life to more Sunflowers.

When we learn to recognize the Miracle of Life happening all around us in Nature then we can   gain a clear perspective of our existence on this beautiful Paradise Earth and understand how to live with appreciation and respect for all life.

– Anna Smith

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