These lost Human Beings obviously are CLUELESS about Mathematics and the meaning of true Value in life. They know not real love nor even have an ounce of Common Sense, nor do any of their CLueless COhorts they like to rubby dubby up to in their isolated false and shallow world of fluff and pamper. What kind of noggins does it take understand that TAKING and HOARDING BILLIONS of CURRENCY from the Economy of a Nation will dangerously reduce the money in circulation which keeps the whole economy going. Add one, two, three and several hundred or thousand more such No Brains to the HOARDERS CLUB and in no time at all they have permanently cut the very branch they depend on for their Disease Fix, money. The Masses are better off not wasting money on useless COrporate Propaganda Products that add NOTHING to LIFE but those DEletes who need the CONSUMERISM will Quickly swrivel up and Disappear as they dry up the currency in circulation because they are dependent upon the Meaningless CONCEPT of Currency and False Wealth to Feed their Money Addiction DisEase. – A Smith

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