When a woman is pregnant obviously she should be on leave so she can focus on preparing to bring the divine life of a child into the world. She should also have at least 3-4 years off after birth to give her child the proper attention it deserves to grow up with the love and attention it needs from it’s mother in order to become a healthy human being. The utmost importance in any healthy society should be placed on raising the children for they are the creators, speakers, thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. Ideally no mother should have to work but rather be well supported by her husband in order to devote her life to motherhood and raising a healthy family while the father supports the financial side of raising the family, along with being a supportive and stable male figure who can disperse wisdom as needed to his growing children. Every child needs the loving support of a strong and united, peaceful home life in order to grow into a whole and healthy human being and every child deserves it.  – A Smith

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