The Gift of Love is a Feeling that comes from Within us which can help us overcome many difficulties and other challenges which we may encounter in our lives. There are many types of love which we have all experienced like the love a parent feels for their child and the love we feel for a partner or husband, wife, parent or significant other. We can even love our pets like cats, dogs, horses or turtles, etc. The love we feel comes from within us towards something outside of us. When we love another person sometimes it is conditional based on how the other person behaves or treats us. It can be the same when we love an animal or anything else. There is a love that is unconditional also and that love is not dependent upon the actions of the object of our love but it is a love that wells up inside of us and overflows in an expression outside of us.. This love comes from a deep source of love that is within everyone. This is a kind of pure love which we can experience within us. When we feel it we have a great feeling that fills us with peace, joy and appreciation for our life and all life. This love is the love from which all life is born and sustained. This is a love which no one can live without and which all life depends on to survive. When we have access to this source of love within us then we can love more freely without expectation, demands and conditions. When we rely on love from others and we do not feel it then we can be let down and feel disappointed and even feel pain. When we know how to access the pure love within us then our attachment to love coming from outside us is less dependent. Whether Love is coming from outside or not we can still feel the love within us which comforts us, those around us and makes us whole. Love is like a medicine which we all need to feel in order to be whole.

All life needs to feel love and in Nature we can witness many expressions of love and affection in the animals who express it so readily without hesitation. Female animals for example, who give birth are particularly expressive of a kind of very devoted love, care, affection and protection for their offspring as is an adoring parent of their newborn child. If we remove love and caring from life then life cannot exist. It becomes cold, dry and painful to experience and witness. This is why it is so very unnatural to hate, judge and tolerate harm and killing of living beings and creatures. Warfare is a prime example of lack of love and the reason why the very act of war and harm of any kind to life is so upsetting for human beings. It can certainly be witnessed in animals as well who respond agressively to threats and try to remove themselves from harm naturally while on the other hand they are attracted to love from their owners, from each other and even from other species.

Love is like a balm and the more we use it the better it feels and the more we heal. Babies of any species are natural examples of pure love in form. Their innocence, simplicity, vulnerability and purity evokes a sense of love, awe and adoration from caring humans. Babies are very responsive to pure love from other beings whether they be human or animal. If we love our child then the child becomes loving and loves back. If we give love to a pet it will reciprocate the love back to the person who loves it and reflect love to other creatures as well. The opposite is true too if a child or a pet is mistreated then they lose trust of the one harming them and will hold back their expression of love because they do not feel safe and they will imitate their role model. This can make it difficult to rebuild a bond of trust. Love will always return until it learns whether it can be safely expressed and received or not. That is why it is so important to access and feel the Divine Source of Love

  Within us so that we can more readily express unconditional love to all living beings and creatures around us as is our nature and right to do as human beings.

Throughout history love has been glorified in Art and Frescos throughout the world. Michelangelo’s Finger of God touching Man is an expression of the Divine Love as glorified in this famous art piece in the Sistine Chapel in Rome Italy. It is the personal experience of this Divine Love Within us which connects us to the Divine while we are alive and enables us to love from that Infinite Divine Source Within us at all times thereby making life truly Glorious to witness. – Anna Smith

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