THERE IS NO GAME TO WIN IN LIFE OTHER THAN THE GAME OF REALIZING YOURSELF. IT IS AN INNER GAME AND YOU PLAY IT ALONE. Once you are in it you begin to silently notice the others who are in it with you as well as those who are not. When you are not in the real game of life you remain blinded and are pulled into the nothingness of distractions created by the motives of the meaningless and insignificant ones who want to influence the world, you and your life.

All you see in this world is an Illusion for it comes and goes and you cannot take one bit of it with you when you leave this world. Even your own body which is filled with life by the courtesy of God while you are breathing will return to the dust of the Earth after you take your last breath.

All that you can think or imagine with your mind are only thoughts which come and go with the wind and are meaningless. That which you desire, search for and manifest in this world without the Inner Knowledge of the Self is also meaningless. Only that which you can experience in Knowledge of your Divine Self Within, the part of you with no name and no identity is real. The feeling and the experience of Infinite Peace that comes with Self Knowledge are all that you can take with you when you leave this world. That my friends is the most beautiful experience you can attain in life. It is the bridge between the infinite, where you go when you are no longer in a human body and the finite, where you are in a human body. Having access to that bridge while you are living fills you with such a feeling of fulfillment like nothing else in this world can do.

Like the Bee instinctually goes to the flower to find the Nectar Within it, You also instinctually desire the Real Nectar of Life within You and you can drink from that Nectar within daily.  – Anna Smith



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