Here is not there and there is not here. Everything becomes real when it happens in reality, which means in your reality. The journey of your life begins in your reality, not in words, wishes and thoughts. Believing in words and wishes is part of the reality of the illusion of your mind. Thinking about a glass of water does not satisy thirst, only the reality of water filling your mouth and soothing your dry throat does. Action is concrete, not thoughts. If you want something in your reality it is up to you to take action to make that happen, otherwise it is only wishful thinking of passing thoughts which mean little. It all begins within you and is realized outside of you as an END RESULT of EXPERIENCING what is within you

Like a flower is born to receive Nourishment from the Sunshine, Mankind is born to receive Love from Creation and Experience Peace Within himself. Wishful thoughts and thinking are nothing more than that. KNOWING comes from EXPERIENCING.

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