We are all brief visitors to this Planet Mother Earth. We all come and we all go from here faster than most of us would like. Our lives are a brief flicker in the span of time of the Earth’s existence. What you do here stays here. Every plastic bottle and spoon and straw you throw away, does not go away. What fuels and energy sources you use and consume, the chemicals and drugs you use.Every act you perform and thought you think, good or bad sets a vibration in motion which affects all life. Everything affects the Earth, your life and all life into the future.

Having Life is to have an opportunity to be conscious and aware of the gift of our breath and the Divinity of all in  existence. What you do during your life is what you leave behind for future generations. What do you want to leave behind ? Now is your opportunity experience the beauty of your life and live in harmony with all life and all things living. Now is when you can fill your life with beauty, appreciation and gratitude for all that Creation has bestowed upon you. Now is your moment to realize this beautiful life and cherish it with all your heart and passion. – Anna Smith

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