SOMETIMES LOOKING BACK WE CAN SEE MORE….CLEARLY…. Treating others as human beings and respecting the life of others as we would like our own lives to be respected is something that is every individuals repsonsibility to fufill. The ability to do it does not always come easy if we have not yet discovered and realized respect for our own life from a feeling within us. Respect must extend beyond not only our racial differences but to every individual and their well being during their time on Earth.

If we do not work together to honor each others rights to a life of privacy, dignity and well being for all in this age of extreme privacy violation where the very laws to protect our rights cannot be fulfilled due to ever increasing and unmonitored social media platforms, technology and phones with cameras and microphones in every persons hand and cell towers on every street corner, then it will not be possible to survive together peacefully.

Dignity and respect has to first come from within the individual before it can be extended to others outside ourselves. It is that very respect which is necessary in order for us to survive as human beings together on Earth. To enjoy our rights to live happily and peacefully together as human beings during our brief gift of time on Earth together we must become more conscious within and reclaim our attention from the external world of technology and bring it back to ourselves as human beings with a sense of humanity and dignity for ourselves and for all life.

No one has the power to change the world but everyone has the power to change themselves and this is, in fact, the most powerful way to make a positive difference in the world today. – A Smith

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