My Cherokee Mamma was truly an Earth Goddess Mother. I say Goddess because she was a Force of Nature, Passion and Compassion for Earth, Animals and all life in need. She lived and spoke as if she was Nature herself suffering under the assaults of mankind’s so called progress. She once wrote a beautiful piece about it, which if I find it I will post. This letter she wrote in response to a question from the Dean of the College where she taught Art to International students in her later years, each of whom she adopted as her own and loved every one dearly as they loved her. The Dean asked her to express what her children were involved in and she said the following which expresses some of her deep and beautiful nature and Earth Goddess Wisdom. She will forever live in me and be close to my heart. I love her dearly and to this day miss her passionate and sensual presence of raw and sincere honesty. – a smith

Written by my Cherokee German Mother: Barbara Owen Barnes Smith, Jan 31st 2007, just 2 years before she made her journey from this world.

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