All feelings from the heart are a natural human response to life and our encounters with others. Different situations can evoke different feelings of caring, empathy, pain, anger and love. Feelings are human beings natural response to different circumstances in life. Accepting those feelings allows us to grow and learn more about ourselves and others. Feeling without judgement and allowing others to feel without judgement is a healthy response to feelings. The world tells us to feel this and don’t feel that and has placed all kinds of judgements on feelings which stifle human beings natural feeling process. In an ideal world we have a healthy and open expression of our feelings which allows us to feel appropriately in all situations and express it freely to loved ones, friends, family or co-workers. Bottled up feelings put us in an unnatural state and can affect our health and well being due to the blocked emotion being held as negativity in our bodies. A build up of these blocked feelings can result in inappropriate expressions or explosions of excess frustrated feelings such as anger, much like a hot tea kettle going of. This can result in harm to others, particularly if alcohol, drugs or a compromised mental state is involved. In a society where people have been taught which feelings are okay to feel and which are not okay to feel, many people are out of synch with their real feelings and have many bottles up unexpressed feelings. Strong individuals who grow up in a household of love despite the accepted norm of which feelings can be expressed can control their feelings and manage to live their life in an acceptable manner regardless. Those whose lives have been compromised due to being raised in unhealthy environments and situations are at risk to act out on others inappropriately and present a grave danger to others when weapons are part of a family household. This is not to mention the overuse of pharmaceuticals and other drugs at a young age which alter and destabilize the brain chemistry. That is why it is unwise and rather shameful for any government to condone the ownership of deadly weapons freely to anyone in a society when we live amongst mentally unstable individuals. Throughout history there have always been a mix of mentally healthy and unhealthy people for various reasons. I do not recall in any history other than the American Pioneer days the free access to deadly weapons in any part of the world by any government. One must ask themselves “why are we still living with laws created in the pioneer days of America when a beautiful race of the original people of America were completely wiped out by gun slinging fools”?  That is a dangerous mix for provoking the worst part of a human’s negative mental state in today’s world. It results in a compromised environment for everyone due to the loss of clarity to make wise decisions by every individual. What event will it take to bring sense to the minds of leaders to make them initiate laws which protect the innocent and those most vulnerable ?

The influence of social technology adds another realm of mental influence to the mix. If it is not censored from spreading negative and racists stimulation and monitored to support positive human growth then it can feed already compromised individuals and groups of individuals. Any technology mismanaged has the potential to go beyond our collective ability to control it for the well being of everyone alive, whether it is the misuse of social technology, hand guns, machine guns, atomic weapons or deadly biological agents. The use of all risky and dangerous technologies should be collectively monitored and those posing risk and destruction to life should be immediately and safely dismantled with agreements amongst all leaders worldwide to protect the quality and existence of all life on planet earth. Technology is beneficial when it activates the heart and encourages an action to feel and act more kindly and humanely towards all human beings. When it comes to protecting the sanctity of all life a healthy Government listens to the sanity of those it governs over and above the interest of private institutions, all sectors of profit seeking businesses and even the Department of Defense.  – Anna Smith

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