Such a cute and benevolent face, just like Earth and the Innocence of life in reality. Frecking Amazing…

Whoever says that Earth is not a LIVING BEING is blinded by ignorance.
EARTH may speak a different language but EARTH SPEAKS Slowly, Clearly and PowerFully without pause and has lived to watch Trillions of Human Beings come and go throughout Mankind’s Brief Presence on Earth. From the blooming of a sprout that that appears above the surface of the soil and becomes a beautiful flower gifting healing attributes for life to Heal to the explosion and power of a Volcano Erupting, Earth is constantly communicating with love and teaching life if only man could hear her language and Message with Respect for Creation. From the Dinosaurs to Cave Man to Modern Civilization, Earth has hosted it all. If EARTH was not ALIVE it could never have SUSTAINED LIFE for MILLIONS OF YEARS, despite Human Ignorance and efforts to Genetically MODIFY IT, MUTATE IT, POISON IT and DESTROY IT.

Mankind’s ongoing unconsciousness in so many ways from warfare to overuse of toxic pesticides and chemicals to massive amounts of plastic waste filling the oceans, rivers and streams to now horribly toxic and irreversible earth destroying Fracking with a history of toxic waste and air pollution from Petrol. All this is destroying Earth’s Purity which all life relies on to live in a healthy and happy state while humans visit Paradise Earth briefly. If polluted and overfished oceans filled with plastic and holes in the ozones making humans vulnerable to scorching radiation from the sun to water on fire from chemicals fracked and pumped into the Earth, to Our Atmosphere being sprayed daily with harmful heavy metals and worse through Geo Engineered CHEMTRAILS to reduce Radiation…??? …causing severe and deadly Toxic Air and Breathing Problems for All Living, to the Extinction of Species, and on and on. If all this is not enough to Wake Mankind Up to CHANGE then WHAT WILL IT TAKE…??? Whatever answer it is it concerns me.

All this and OUR WORLD LEADERS are preoccupied with TRADE AGREEMENTS, SANCTIONS and the Bottomless Penny and How much MONEY THEY CAN MAKE or LOSE and WHO IS BOMBING WHO and Creating the Most Weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION and WHAT…??… and GROWN MEN DANCING AROUND BURNING FLAGS chanting obscenities like 2 Year Olds having a Tantrum over their Profit Margins.

God Forgive US and the Obscenity of Ignorance which infiltrates Mankind today.

Written by: Anna Mary Yeager Smith


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