Earth is our Mother and hence why Native Indians refer to Earth as Mother Earth because they understand better than any culture I have yet to witness on Earth the value and meaning of Honoring and Protecting that which Sustains and Perpetuates Life. When we live close to the Earth like the old ways of the Native Indians who are our original Forefathers in the America’s then we understand better how to Observe Earth and her ways and how to Respect and live in Harmony with Mother Earth without leaving our footprint nor any mark of destruction or harm. This is an example of a truly Civilized, Honorable and Dignified Human Being. If we and other species are to Survive then we must learn to Respect and Protect all Life and the Mother which supports and sustains Life on Planet Earth. The Earth may become disharmonius as a result of man’s unconscious actions but the Earth will Survive even if Mankind destroys himself in his own ignorance and disrespect for life and that which sustains it.  – Anna Smith

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