The sleezy, corrupt white men who slaughter human life for money are the worst and most despicable Cancer on Earth today, destroying the Sanctity of Life for all those living ! Maybe it is those immigrants who do not respect Mother Earth and understand the wise ways of the Original People of Turtle Island who should be deported until the few remaining Original People’s are honored and cared for as the stewards and Forefathers of Turtle Island and respected and cherished along with Mother Earth. There is a lot of reconciliation and pay back needed to reckon for all the harm and injustice done to the millions of Native people and forefathers who inhabited Turtle Island for thousands of years before the white and other immigrants arrived and renamed it America a few hundred years ago.

Money and Petrol are misguiding humanity today and taking priority over life itself. This is creating an unnatural imbalance where chaos prevails. It is only when we have inner peace and wisdom that we can see clearly and make healthy choices. Without love and kindness there is no happiness.

– Anna Smith, Cherokee Nation Tribal Member, Grandaughter of Robert Owen Barnes, Cherokee Nation

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