No living creature on Earth should have to fight man made machines and men destroying Nature for profits in order to defend their habitat. It is a sad day when man destroys Nature to the point of driving God’s precious creatures into Extinction. We as humans were Not created to be destroyers of Life, Earth and Creation during our few brief years on Earth. It is Not the right nor privilege of any man to harm any life on Earth, be it animal or human and certainly not to the point of extinction. All life should be cherished, honored and respected as should the homes and environments where God’s precious creatures dwell and thrive.

The Orangutans on Borneo Island are some of the last left on Earth and their forest home is being destroyed by night poachers acting against government promise to protect them. It is up the people to speak out about this and take action to stop the destruction of the forests which breath us and provide oxygen for all life on Earth and homes for species such as the Orangutans.  – Anna Smith

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