True success is when we have found inner happiness within us, independent of outside circumstances. For that we should seek the help of someone we admire who has mastered it for themselves and the art of helping others achieve it. In a world with seemingly unsurmountable ongoing external challenges it is not always easy to see clearly and remain focused on the simple joy within. It is the effort to continue to seek your peace within that makes the difference. It is from the place of peace within you that you will find the clarity to make the correct choices on the outside which will lead to positive results for yourself and others, particularly if you are in a position of leadership. Life should not be something to fear but rather something to endear for it is only a fleeting moment in the span of time and how we experience it is of utmost importance to ourselves and those around us. Nothing can happen unless we choose to make it happen.

I have learned so much about personal peace and happiness within myself through life’s challenges from the teachings of Prem Rawat. He has helped millions across the globe to achieve fulfillment and peace within themselves regardless of what is going on in the world. I hope that everyone on this planet will have the chance to listen to his wise teachings with the same appreciation as I have. – Anna Smith

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