Every Life is born from the Supreme Source and returns to the Supreme Source. Life is Mankind’s Supreme Opportunity to experience one’s Divinity while being alive in a human body. To miss this opportunity is to miss the very meaning of existence. If you come from the...

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It is the Nature of the Sun to Rise Everyday and with a display of great compassion caress all life with the warmth of it’s light and in doing so stimulate life to awaken filled with the joy of existence. Such great abundance is shared every moment, after moment in...

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OUR TRUE FREEDOM comes from Within Us and those who can help us achieve it while we are alive are a gift more valuable than all the wealth of this world. A person will know freedom when they feel it within themselves. It begins with understanding and grows with...

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The Forefathers that Founded America bestowed great Wisdom. Some unscrupulous persons mislead America from the ideals that governed the original Founders. Maybe it is time we reclaim the principles and dignity which America was founded upon by the Forefathers. - A...

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It is only the gifts of the heart which you can take with you when you leave this world. The gifts of the heart which you collect will determine the happiness with which you live this life and leave this life. Every second is a possibility and it is never too late to...

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Last I checked the latest Concept of Democracy did not include murder, bombing and total destruction of other countries and innocent human beings caught in the crossfire of Unrealized Psychopathic World Powers addicted to greed, money and power, which are the lowest...

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Such a cute and benevolent face, just like Earth and the Innocence of life in reality. Frecking Amazing... Whoever says that Earth is not a LIVING BEING is blinded by ignorance. EARTH may speak a different language but EARTH SPEAKS Slowly, Clearly and PowerFully...

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Hello Fellow Human Beings and All My Relations,

The Awakeisme Project is a publishing blog to support a cultural movement creating more awareness and appreciation of our existence on this on this beautiful planet called earth while encouraging unity of all races and nations worldwide to make positive changes for all life today and for future generations.

The goal of this project is to educate and awaken individuals of all ages, races and nationalities to our natural human attributes of goodness for our fellow man and concern for all life. These attributes have become terribly lost in a world racing in competition for never ending external consumption at the cost of life itself and the earth which sustains life.

The object is to cultivate a community of people who are united in projects and peaceful activism to protect the environment, human lives and all the precious resources of earth for future generations through transformation to sustainable living options, beginning with an alternative to petrol as an energy source. This kind of shift requires a massive awakening and uniting of humanity worldwide. It is becoming obvious very quickly that the people need to unite to reclaim working governments who are responsible to uphold the integrity and well being of it’s citizens and the Earth above the opportunity to profit from this gift called life. This requires unification and participation on all fronts amongst men, women, religions and races as well as a reawakening of all humanity to our most precious shared attributes as humans, including our innate desire for compassion, kindness, love and joy. Notwithstanding humanity’s passion to defend and protect that which is just, dignified and deserving for all life and the earth which supports it.

I have created the Awakeisme Blog, which reflects the kind of awakening which I am speaking about. The goal is to inspire our potential to rise above the challenges of our differences and unite for the common good of all life and the earth which sustains life, while acknowledging our common need for fulfillment and personal peace.

I hope that my blog can be a foundation upon which something wonderful can transpire as we unite and move forward into the beautiful adventure that life is meant to inspire.

Thank You for Your Interest ~ A Smith

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